Equis Coaching provides consulting and coaching services to organisations throughout the UK and beyond.

To help you to recognise your core values and improve your ethical credentials, we assist you to identify the impacts of your organisation, and improve your business sustainability. Working together, we will help you to create the paradigm shift and realise the opportunities presented within your organisation that empower greater environmental and social accountability.

In short, we help our clients to think outside the box, for the greater good!

Founded in 2006, we specialise in the provision of tailored integrated business management systems and environmental auditing. As part of our package, we create and deliver bespoke training courses based on learning through fun and practical solutions. In 2014 we established Equis Coaching in response to the growing requirement from our clients to enhance their growth and increasing appreciation of sustainability issues.

Led by Philippa Stanley, an experienced sustainability practitioner and Certified Energy Leadership Coach through IPEC, Equis brings a unique blend of experiential and organisational transformation tools. We work with your people to recognise and enhance the workplace from within creating and implementing your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Welcome to Equis Coaching

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