What does it take to get you into a great mood?   Laughing with friends, a fabulous view, dancing around the kitchen like no one is watching?  Whatever it is that shifts your mood, when you are feeling fabulous, life is lighter.  You are radiating an energetic aura made up of vibration at the highest level – you’re in your vortex of creation.  Feeling that superb lightness, where you feel you can achieve anything – it’s intoxicating.

But life isn’t rosy all the time.  We all have moods.

We all experience the ups and the downs everyday, which is completely normal. 

Have you ever woken up full of the joys of spring, then  something happens that snatches you back to earth and that wonderful feeling you woke up with has gone?  By mid morning you find you’ve regaled the event of that rude passenger or errant driver several times with others who then chip in about their woeful journey, or sleepless night. To make matters worse, several other things haven’t gone to plan, and now today looks like being ‘One of those days’!

You’re not alone, we’ve all been there!

What has happened is your energetic profile has shifted and you have moved away from your ‘vortex’.  Our emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual energies raise and lower depending on what we are doing and how we react to situations.  Focussing on what hasn’t gone well has attracted more catabolic (negative) energy.

Our thoughts affect our energy. 

Just like the lights on a graphic equaliser rise and fall depending on the frequency, our energies follow our moods. When we are feeling low and a victim of events, we sometimes blame it on others.  What ‘they’ have done, or ‘made’ you do, when in reality things are not ‘done’ to us, we choose our response. We create our own energetic profile.

Once you become aware of the patterns of your thought, and the energetic connection to those thoughts, you will first recognise and then be able to change your reaction.  Life again starts to feel a lot lighter, no matter how many curved balls you receive. Resonating at higher levels of energy  will help you inspire and motivate those around you, and you’ll get more done in less time, whilst feeling a greater sense of purpose.

If you would like to discover what your personal energetic profile looks like for a normal day and when you are under pressure, then the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is for you. Click here for more information.

Understanding your energetic profile – the key to feeling lighter

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