Living rurally it’s easier to notice things like the moon or the position of stars. Mending fences out in the fields on a dark night helped to highlight which phase of the moon we were in and whether a torch will be required! I always prefer to manage without if I can as torchlight can sometimes spook the horses, but the brightness from a full moon really illuminates and bathes us with it’s beauty and natural glow.
For the past year or two I’ve been following the moon and listening to global astrology.   It’s fascinating how planetary alignment can influence so much about the mood on earth. Not surprising perhaps when the pull of lunar power influences tides etc but being aware of the positioning of the moon and planets can help us to be kinder to ourselves in times of turmoil.
I tend to use the information like you would a road sign. Knowing the times when planetary alignments could cause there to be a ‘Bumpy road ahead’ helps me sit with any icky feelings and emotions until they have passed.  During these times understanding that  watching a tear jerker of a film or listening to a David Grey album is probably not the best choice also helps me navigate emotions!  The other benefit is being able to appreciate the mood and emotions of others and be more tolerant to any outbursts or emotional reactions. Similarly being able to align activities in my life and business when the road signs are more favourable has also helped when making strategic decisions.
For me it’s all part of  our greater sustainability – connecting with our environment and nature. To truly appreciate what we have and that we are but a mere speck of dust in the cosmos but that the connections we have to each other and our natural world are vitally important.
It would appear that it has taken a global pandemic to awaken us to what is truly important in our lives. We may not be able to go for a night out on the town, but we can still have a night out star gazing at clear skies with twinkling lights that have such deeper meaning and connections to us which we will probably never fully understand.
It won’t surprise you to know that the past year has had some unusual and turbulent astrology with several events culminating in the squaring of Saturn and Jupiter on the winter solstice for the first time since the signing of the Magna Carta – a milestone in British history. We have moved into the age of Aquarius which is associated with the mind And technology. I’m no expert in this but I do find it fascinating. For me it brings the third dimension to my sustainability and energy leadership work and joins a lot of dots. It helps me to bring a new energy to my work with my clients – which I do both with and without my horses.  Today is Jan 21st and a great time to start a new era.  For me it means creating new coaching packages and stepping into a new element of my business where I work with industry professionals in their sustainability journey and individuals who are looking for more depth and clarity within their lives.
If you have a roof light window or any window for that matter take a peek at what is waiting for you. Noticing and being curious about what you see and what you are feeling is another  way to connect with nature and with others. Knowing people around the globe are also looking with wonder at the same things we are is a way of uniting humanity. It has always comforted me to appreciate this when my loved ones are far from home.
If you want to find out more about the moon and the stars there are some great free apps that help explain what you are looking at. In the meantime I invite you to notice and appreciate what amazing gifts are right above us that we just don’t see.
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The Power of the Moon

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