Client feedback is hugely important to us - we follow up personally with every individual and group we work with to ensure their experience has both met (and hopefully exceeded) their expectations and to understand how we can work better.

Thanks to our clients who have shared their feedback so far.

“Horse guided learning with Equis Coaching had an incredible impact on me and how I manage my business moving forward. Philippa and her beautiful horses helped me identify obstacles subconsciously restricting my performance and to reinvigorate my confidence and assertiveness I knew were hiding somewhere! As someone with no prior experience of horses, being surrounded by nature and guided by a professional coach was a unique and effective way to develop my personal skills. Thanks for an enjoyable and professional session Philippa, Foxy and Inky. I will happily recommend you to others.”

Sally Boyton
Life Seeker CIC

"When I reached a particularly low place I reached out to Philippa and she delivered. The realisation that I could control my response to my situation and so my state of mind, although not a new message, was timely and the catalyst was Philippa. The understanding that it is not a failure to move between the different levels of energy was uplifting and I am in the privileged position of knowing that I will always bounce back, seemingly faster and higher each time.

Back in April 2015 I was scared of my perceived future, appalled by what I had done to my family as I protected myself from what I continue to regard as a toxic relationship and with no positive regard for myself. Slowly over the months, with coaching from Philippa, I have developed from being an angry, aggressive and frightened wife and mother to a happy, confident, optimistic and caring professional woman who is also a good mother. I can prioritise myself when I need to and as my own strength grows so does that of those I hold most dear. I would consider that a win:win. So Thank You Philippa Stanley for being there to ask those questions that made me read the map of my life more clearly. There will inevitably be times when I need to reflect on those conversations we had and I find myself looking forward to them as they will herald change and
that is now exciting."

Lucy A


“Since working with Philippa I have been able to more effectively track my detrimental pattern of thought. This awareness has helped enormously in limiting the negative effects on my career, relationship and opportunities in life”.

Selena Ramsden

“I joined Philippa on a weekend in Wales with little knowledge of what to expect nor what I would take out of it.  The results were incredibly positive and I left with a better understanding of myself than I had before.  Her coaching through horses helped me to understand the extent  which I was lost in my own thought processes and allowed me to embark on a new avenue of self-awareness and self-fulfilment.  I’ll never forget my time with Inky and Foxy – their silent teachings of stillness, forgiveness and unaltered truth were unlike anything I have ever experienced before”.


“Completing the ELI process with Philippa has made me realise that there are many levels to my feelings. I am now equipped with the tools and mindset to let go and change direction when things don’t go to plan, or outside influences are disruptive. Clarity and focus in abundance are the results.”

Phil Evans
Business owner & Key Note Speaker


“We were extremely pleased with the quality of the work carried out by Philippa and the time frame in which the work was completed. We were particularly impressed with the way Philippa communicated with our staff at all levels and she coached those that did not always find the subject easy. We passed our certification audit with flying colours and thank Philippa for her excellent work”.

Group Marketing Manager
Fourfront Group

“Philippa’s extensive knowledge, professionalism came across in all aspects of the training and support. Philippa was always available on the phone and email between sessions to provide information, answer questions and offer advice at any time.”

Operations Manager
UK Laser Supplies Ltd

“Philippa Stanley has carried out training for our organisation for several years, she has always maintained the highest standards during this period which is reflected both in the results obtained from her courses such as the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management, and the positive feedback obtained from our clients. She is very personable and easy to get along with which in turn makes her easily approachable from a trainee’s perspective which is conducive to the high pass rates she obtains. I would highly recommend Philippa as a trainer as I am confident she would prove an asset to your organisation and provide high value returns for your investment.”

Mike Moss, Managing Director
West End Training Centre Ltd

“Her ability to interact and relate to each student was brilliant and she managed to break each element down into bite-sized pieces so that it was much easier to understand.”

Keith Hopkinson, Director
Safety First Training Solutions Ltd

“I have found Philippa to be a thoroughly experienced environmental consultant. She is hardworking, diligent and discreet. She has, and hopefully will remain involved in our business as a key resource and trusted colleague. I would not hesitate to recommend her to another wanting to use her in her field of expertise”.

Managing Director
Greenworld Sales Ltd