Humans have had relationships with horses through the ages…as beasts of burden, modes of transport, the powerhouse for agricultural machinery or hauling coal from a pit.  Whether your relationship with horses is grasping a bookie’s tab, or giving a carrot to a pony at a children’s farm,  you can’t deny their ability to fascinate with their majestic paces and courageous nature.

Having been replaced by the combustion engine, their role has since evolved into more of a recreational animal. Yet more recently there is a revolution to bring the amazing capacity that horses have to improve our wellbeing, to a wider audience.

We each see life through our own personal lens

You have to have been sleeping  not have noticed the rise in mental health awareness in society in recent times, especially since the requirements of living amidst Coronavirus. Every news bulletin highlights how people are struggling with the restrictions, but as people are individuals, they each react to their personal circumstances in their own way. As we already know, what causes one person to feel under pressure or ‘stressed’ differs to another.

Depending on our life story, our values and belief systems, we each see life through a different set of lenses – just try putting on someone else’s glasses to remind yourself just how true this is!

Horses accept you for who you are. They don’t judge you. They see and connect to the part of you that others don’t ever get to see. Your Life Force, that deep space inside of you. 

Whether you consider yourself to be stressed beyond belief or unsure what actions to take, the horse will meet you and provide unconditional love. Their steadfast nature connects to the inner most part of you – what some people have described as feeling like their heart and the horses heart have become one.  The connection is on a deep level and can leave a lasting sense of fulfillment and serenity.

Other clients have described the coaching experience as providing total clarity.  Having come with a situation that they wish to work through, being with the horses has helped them to see the possibilities from a different perspective and created the confidence to take the next step.

If you have ever been in a situation where things seem impossible, then getting the clarity and being able to see the way forward is completely priceless.

Perhaps there is something which you would like to work on to be able to see it clearly and establish what action to take.  If this is the case, then get in touch to book a no obligation discovery call to see how we can help.



Seeing the Truth: How horses help us feel.

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