Our Date Night/Reconnection Package: for 2 people

Are you looking to improve communication between you and your significant other? Is there a burning issue which needs to be aired?

Are things going a bit stale and you’re looking to give your relationship an MOT? Find and reconnect in a safe and supported environment with the chance to work both on yourself and with each other in the company of our safe and steadfast horses!


An ELI Assessment for each of you with a 1 hour personal debrief

  • A one hour coaching session for each partner over zoom
  • A one hour coaching session in the company of our horses separately for each partner
  • A one hour equine guided learning session as a couple working with the horses
  • 2 Dinner reservations at a local pub restaurant following the horse coaching sessions
  • A follow up 3 way call over zoom

This package can be taken over a week, or spaced over a longer period as appropriate.

Your ELI Assessment and debrief will highlight where your energy is focussed when you’re functioning on a day to day basis, and also help you to recognise where your default characteristics are when you are under pressure; assisting you in uncovering behaviours which may be counterproductive. During your personal coaching sessions each of you will have the opportunity to explore your experiences and formulate your desired outcome(s). Individually you will then be invited to meet the horses where your equine guided coaching session will take place with the horses present. Their wisdom and empathy provides the opportunity for you both to explore your ideas at a deeper spiritual level with the horses both connecting with, and guiding you.

A lunch or dinner reservation will have been made for you at a local pub restaurant with a menu of tasty homemade local produce where you will be free to relax and discuss the insights and experiences from each of your sessions.

At a time of your choice, we will bring you both together to meet the horses once again where you will be invited to be coached around your chosen issue and work as a couple to determine how to proceed.
Following this session an additional dinner or lunch reservation will have been made for you at a local pub restaurant where you can once again discuss the outcomes from your session in a relaxed setting over a tasty meal.
A week later we will jump on a zoom call to discuss your progress and what has come out of our sessions together to plan your way forwards.

For more information on finding deeper connection together, please click HERE to send an email or call me on 07794043282


I am used to working with clients from all around the world, and time zones are not an issue. If you are lucky enough to be able to join me on my small farm in Wales, you can work with some of my co-coaches, the horses who live here. Their instinct and connectivity provides a fabulous experience and is great for helping reveal that inner ‘You’. I also run weekend courses periodically throughout the year for groups and individuals to experience this transformative work.

Coaching is  intensely personal – it’s about building a relationship where we work together led by  your itinerary.  I would encourage you to speak to several coaches before you make a decision about who to work with.  Click here to book a  no obligation 20 minute consultation to get to know a bit more about me, and whether we make a good fit to achieve your dreams. I look forward to meeting you.

With love Philippa