You are completely in control of this, and so good at producing the perfect Christmas experience. The whole thing looks effortless, yet that is far from the truth.

No one understands the level of effort and planning  you put in, no one that is except me, as I too used to be ‘that’ person.

Christmas shopping may have begun for you in January, as you took advantage of the discounted cards, wrapping and bulk purchased gifts. You relish the bargains and getting things crossed off your list, well when I say list, that’s just your gift list.  Several other lists manifest as the year progresses, covering  every eventuality.

You came to the conclusion long ago that there’s no point in accepting help on Christmas Day as nobody does things like you do.  The food would not be good enough.  You use excuses like “Oh you go and enjoy yourselves”, “Don’t worry, the oven is a bit cranky, it’s best that I do it”!

Let’s face it, they don’t know their way around your kitchen and won’t be able to produce things just how your guests expect them AND how you like them to be done.  You pride yourself on doing everything.  Their job is to keep your glass topped up whilst you slave away in the background, red faced and glowing.

Your inner voice however, is loudly reminding you that “They’re not helping, they’re all having fun”.  You have soooo much to do.  “Can’t they see that you need X done”?  But still you don’t ask, unless things come to a real head and disaster looms.   Then it can get a bit stressy, and tempers can fly.

Compromise? Me? Huh!

Your military operational planning and lack of delegation leaves you with so much to do that you are exhausted by Christmas Evening and ready to get back to work for a rest.

I’ve learnt that it really doesn’t have to be this way. Opening yourself up to being less of a control enthusiast and far more laissez faire doesn’t make things worse, it makes them so much better.

Creating a meal with others and letting them take responsibility is quite magical.  Dropping your thinking around specifics and allowing other thoughts and things to be created is quite cathartic.  Having a Christmas experience where you get to enjoy yourself as the day unfolds, is lovely.  Having time to spend with children and grandchildren is magical.

Who wants to be at the point of burnout over the festive period?

Save some energy to revitalise yourself.  You so deserve it.

If you’re reading this, you won’t recognise yourself unless you are ready to make a change.  You may well recognise someone you know though!

Taking the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment will help you to identify your traits and default energetic profile in both your everyday life and where your energy goes when you’re under pressure or you are in stress.

If you would like to explore how things could be different for you this year, then get in touch.





No one does Christmas like you do – but is it at the expense of burnout?

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