Philippa Stanley

I am a certified life and business coach with a focus on sharing the power of energetic connection. I work with people who want to get the best from life - who dare to thrive, not just survive!

Personally, I've overcome some considerable life challenges, which has given me the drive and passion to help others. I guide people to reprogram their thinking, which delivers life changing results through increased confidence and self belief . Whilst I work on all sorts of personal issues with my clients, I have a growing specialism in helping men and women regain a sense of abundance in their lives as they overcome a relationship breakdown.

The best part of my job is seeing transformations in the people I work with.  Feeling that shift of energy when that block suddenly dissolves to reveal the start of new possibilities.

A deeper connection

I am passionate about helping my clients feel an appreciation for nature, and develop a deeper connection with our surroundings. Research suggests that being in connection with our natural environment, whether it’s a walk in the park, stopping to listen to birdsong, or a bracing stroll along the beach, all helps to bring a sense of calm to our busy minds. It also helps develop and bring appreciation, to trust our intuition and inner strength. There's nothing more powerful than nature's therapy.

Working with horses

My name means ‘Lover of Horses’ and I have always had horses in my life, from my very first rocking horse as a toddler, to the real horses we raise on our farm in Pontyberem, South Wales.

To be able to coach using the intuition of our own horses is a huge dream come true for me (many refer to this as equine therapy). It is an honour for me to be able to share the experience with you and be part of your awareness of this enriching experience.

Melanie Konig (Guest Coach)

Melanie is one of our guest trainers who travels to Llanelli from Frankfurt on dates throughout the year. She is a member if the EAHAE (European Association of Horse Assisted Education) and is passionate about Equine Guided Leadership and the benefits it brings to clients.

Melanie has a background in NLP having trained with Christina Hall. She enjoys bringing nature into her coaching, often coaching people outdoors, and she absolutely loves visiting Wales.

Melanie also runs our Train the Trainer courses for coaches and therapists who wish to develop their skills and learn how to enhance their approach when working with their clients using horses.

Our Co-coaches

Foxy was bred on our Carmarthenshire farm and we have had Inky since she was a foal.

Inky has never been ridden due to her having a ‘kissing spine’ which meant the nerves in her spine were affected every time weight was put on her back. She has been a companion horse until coming into her own as a coach. She is incredibly perceptive and has helped many clients with deep connection and patience. She was black as a foal, hence her name, but has become much lighter as she grew.

Foxy is a fun and loving horse with a gentle nature. She develops a deep bond and particularly helps overcome clients who appear nervous.

The right coach for you

Coaching is intensely personal – it’s about building a relationship where we work together led by your itinerary. I would encourage you to speak to several coaches before you make a decision about who to work with. Feel free to get to know a bit more about me to help you decide whether we make a good fit to achieve your dreams. I look forward to meeting you.

I am used to working with clients from all around the world within various time zones. In addition to working remotely, if you would like to join me on my small farm in West Wales, you can work with some of my co-coaches, the horses who live here. Their instinct and connectivity provides a fabulous experience and is great for helping reveal that inner ‘you’. I also run weekend courses periodically throughout the year for groups and individuals to experience this transformative work.

With love, Philippa