The Gift of Journaling

For me it all started last year when a friend gifted me a guided journal.   I was thrilled by the present, but a bit in awe of it too.  For a start it was huge – with sooo much blank space amongst the intermittent  pages of encouraging text.  If I’m honest I didn’t really ‘know’ what to do with it, which made me  nervous.  Part of me was excited by the thought of  finally getting started on something that my mentors were raving about, whilst my monkey brain who I call ‘Wanda’ was doing her full on foghorn mantra “Keeping a daily journal?  Are you kidding? When are YOU going to have time to do that?”

We were spending  4 days with our mentors Fabienne Frederickson and Kiva Schuler plus a couple of hundred other heart centered entrepreneurs going deep into mindset.  Lifting stones, and finding some pretty scary places. Being vulnerable and stepping into our fears, clearing the gunky thoughts around them and making moves forwards.  Writing in our ‘journals’ was always part of these events and reflecting back on them later was something I relished,  seeing the lightbulb moments I had recorded  in print.

For years I’ve carried around a notebook ‘journal’ recording CPD and taking notes at meetings etc, cheerily thinking that I had that ‘journaling’ box ticked, but this journaling tome was something else.  By accepting it from my friend, was I making a commitment to both receive and honour the gift, which meant using it?  There was also this signed declaration at the front.  I don’t know about you, but if i sign up to something, then that usually means I’m all in…….

So here I am almost a year on, and there have been few days where I haven’t filled up that blank space with my thoughts.  What I find amazing is how quickly I started looking forward to writing and digging deeper into issues which were coming up for me.   Getting things out of my head and onto paper where I could reflect upon them has been so cathartic.  This morning I found myself glancing back at page one….   and I was engrossed.  I had written

“Well here I am – I’ve committed to something, signed my name and made a start.  My monkey brain is shouting “How many times have you started something and given up”?  but I am deadening that sound.  I am surprisingly willing to take one day at a time and see how things progress”.

This has been a gift that keeps on giving.  The process of daily Journaling has helped me be consistent in other areas of my life, as well as bringing greater clarity, determination and focus to my relationships.  Most of all the biggest gift has been to myself and the connection I now have  with my inner voice.

Journaling – Getting it out there!

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