As the saying goes, ‘You can choose your friends, but not your family’.

As our lives becomes more transient in relationships and geographically, if strains are going to show, it’s likely to be at Christmas when everything is under scrutiny, which often leaves us feeling like we are tolerating a situation.

We see things through our own lens.  A lens that has been crafted during years of upbringing, beliefs and values.  Just as we won’t be able to see clearly through someone else’s prescription glasses, we can’t imagine what it is like living in their shoes as we cannot see what they see and are feeling in each moment.

This can lead us to feeling as if we are tolerating a situation. When we want what is best for ourselves, yet there’s a conflict with what others want us to do, we give in and go with the flow, whether it is from a place of fear, or duty.

Toleration can be considered for some, a place of safety.  We tolerate something because it’s not painful enough to make us do something about it. We’d rather not rock the boat.

Toleration means we want something different, but we’re afraid to make it happen.  Speaking up, taking up more space and working out how we can compromise to gain a win win situation, feels too scary.

Toleration issues at Christmas can be about  family members, whether it’s whose turn to host, access to children, being the designated driver or working over the holidays.

What is coming up for you?

Are you tolerating something?

Is it likely that it could get in the way of you having an enjoyable Christmas?

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It’s Christmas – will you tolerate or rock the boat?

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