Horses reflect the true 'you'

Ever felt you would like to discover the ‘new you’ in a safe environment where you will feel connection with your inner self and not be judged?

Horses reflect the true us – they mirror our deepest feelings and connect into that. If you are truly willing to open up and be authentic, they will connect to that innermost part of you and show you who you really are, and who you truly want to be. Powerful stuff!

Are you an overthinker? Do you replay events wondering what you should have done differently or not done at all?

Lots of our clients find being with the horses to be an amazingly soothing experience which is why the experience is often referred to as equine therapy. It provides a restful environment that helps to create the space to calm the mind. When linked with intuitive coaching, many insights become apparent.

Feeling a bit stuck or finding it hard to make a decision?

With the connection that the horses provide, they reflect what it is that you are truly feeling.  For instance, you may be lucky enough to have received two job offers and you are equally excited at both.  Whilst being coached around the choices, you are likely to exude different energies on both jobs which the horses will sense, and help you make a heartfelt decision upon, based on what you truly want.

Horse mirror inner feelings
Connecting with horses for therapy
Empathy from horses connection to inner self

Incredible Impact

"Horse guided learning with Equis Coaching had an incredible impact on me and how I manage my business moving forward. Philippa and her beautiful horses helped me identify obstacles subconsciously restricting my performance and to reinvigorate my confidence and assertiveness I knew were hiding somewhere! As someone with no prior experience of horses, being surrounded by nature and guided by a professional coach was a unique and effective way to develop my personal skills. Thanks for an enjoyable and professional session Philippa, Foxy and Inky. I will happily recommend you to others."

(Sally Boyton)

Self-Awareness & Fulfilment

“I joined Philippa on a weekend in Wales with little knowledge of what to expect nor what I would take out of it.  The results were incredibly positive and I left with a better understanding of myself than I had before.  Her coaching through horses helped me to understand the extent  which I was lost in my own thought processes and allowed me to embark on a new avenue of self-awareness and self-fulfilment.  I’ll never forget my time with Inky and Foxy – their silent teachings of stillness, forgiveness and unaltered truth were unlike anything I have ever experienced before”.


Family or Relationship Issues?

Unlike the workplace, there are no rules about family behaviours.  Often being part of a family can be a stressful experience!

Coming together to explore how you ‘show up’ to each other, can be a powerful experience when played out alongside the horses. We can video your session, and then playback and debrief in comfortable surroundings.

Difficult relationships, particular those that end in break-up or divorce can raise all sorts of personal challenges, resulting in anxiety, stress, depression and low self-esteem. Horses can prove powerful in helping you acknowledge and manage changes in your mental health and can non-verbally guide you to make some crucial, life changing decisions.

Horse Guided Learning

Depending on circumstances, we would recommend a short series of sessions both with and without the horses that will help you to create the space to discover your way forward.

For those of you who are new to the concept of seeking your inspiration experientially with horses, below is a brief explanation to help you understand. Also known as Horse Guided Learning, Equine facilitated education, experiential learning with horses, all these terms describe what we do!

Feeling my inner power through Equine learning
Horse assisted coaching helped me reveal my inner strength
Wow! That felt great

Energising, Thought-Provoking, Game Changing and Fun

“Horse coaching was insightful in revealing and overcoming the blocks that were coming in my way to thinking/ acting/ feeling/ being a successful entrepreneur. In an uncanny way the horses intuitively recognise the struggle and through their own cues nudge you to see what is 'hidden in plain sight' and unblock.

Energising, thought-provoking, game changing and fun - indeed a unique approach. It has been instrumental in making me a more effective entrepreneur and a more skilled leadership accelerator! Thank you Philippa. my lovely horses (you can see in the pictures) and team”.

Reena Dayal
(Author, Leadership Accelerator, Chair IoD Central London)

Living in the wild

My name means 'Lover of Horses' and I have always had horses in my life - from my very first rocking horse as a toddler, to the real horses we raise on our farm here in Pontyberem. To be able to coach using the intuition of our own horses is a massive dream come true for me, and I am passionate about raising the awareness of horse assisted learning and therapy which is why I have set up the National Centre for Horse assisted learning and therapy here in South Wales. It is an honour for me to be able to share this experience with you, and be part of your awareness of this enriching experience whilst we reflect on our skills as coaches using both our own intuition and that of the horse who will be guiding us.

For those of you who are new to the concept of horse assisted coaching, horses living in the wild rely on their super tuned radar to 'read' what potential threats may be on the horizon. As herd animals, the horses use this intuition to form their hierarchy and live sustainably, however they also use their intuition to react to our 'vibes' - the true feelings that we hold inside. If we are clear about what we are thinking and doing, then the horse is very willing to co-operate. If we are in doubt about our options, they will show us, or even move away from us.

Through their non verbal conversation horses teach us to trust our inner voice. They mirror our actions and intentions, and will highlight incongruence between what we allow others to see, and what we are truly feeling inside.

If you are looking to build up your resilience, looking for greater self esteem and confidence, have choices to make or looking to find you, that real you who you have lost touch with, then coaching with horses could be for you.

Available as part of my coaching package, or a stand alone session(s), having the privilege of working with my co-coaches is a truly enriching experience

The right coach for you

Coaching is intensely personal – it’s about building a relationship where we work together led by your itinerary. I would encourage you to speak to several coaches before you make a decision about who to work with. Feel free to get to know a bit more about me to help you decide whether we make a good fit to achieve your dreams. I look forward to meeting you.

I am used to working with clients from all around the world within various time zones. In addition to working remotely, if you would like to join me on my small farm in West Wales, you can work with some of my co-coaches, the horses who live here. Their instinct and connectivity provides a fabulous experience and is great for helping reveal that inner ‘you’. I also run weekend courses periodically throughout the year for groups and individuals to experience this transformative work.

With love, Philippa