The joy of life through a different lens

The way we view the world is conditioned by circumstance, past experience and personal beliefs. How you choose to respond to specific life events determines how effectively you can feel joy and attract success in life.

Every thought, feeling or emotion you experience culminates in your energetic makeup and it is possible to tweak perspectives, to positively improve many areas of your life including health, relationships, and finance.

Why is it important to shape the life you want?

Life is precious.
Life is for living rather than tolerating.
Only YOU can decide how life unravels from this point forward.

Your energetic profile can shape your future

Your energetic profile is a summary of how you show up in life. It identifies the core energy levels you are experiencing, during everyday activity and when you are feeling under pressure. It can help you identify how engaged you are with your roles at home and at work. It can highlight patterns to make you aware of actions that you take or perhaps avoid in certain situations. Read more about this on my blog.

Once you have access to this powerful tool, you have the power to reprogram your response to everyday events to help you thrive, not just survive.

The science bit...

Aristotle and Plato recognised that we are surrounded by a quantum field of energy. Einstein taught us that everything is vibration. Sound waves, our sense of smell, a table and chairs, a tree, even our thoughts. They all emanate vibration. Our moods generated by our thoughts create different  vibrating energies. The higher the vibration the more energised and switched on we are.

You can sometimes ‘feel’ the energy, if there has been an argument, or there is tension in the air. Similarly, if someone is in a bad mood, or feeling low, you don’t need to be told, you can pick up the ‘vibes’. Our moods create energies and we then resonate them, giving out an ARL (Average Resonating Level). Your ARL can be measured and your energetic profile explained.

Clarity and focus in abundance

"Completing the ELI process with Philippa has made me realise that there are many levels to my feelings. I am now equipped with the tools and mindset to let go and change direction when things don't go to plan, or outside influences are disruptive. Clarity and focus in abundance are the results."

(Phil Evans -  Business owner & Key Note Speaker)

Limiting negative effects

“Since working with Philippa I have been able to more effectively track my detrimental pattern of thought. This awareness has helped enormously in limiting the negative effects on my career, relationship and opportunities in life”.

(Selena Ramsden)

Philippa Stanley - Energy Leadership Coach

Energy Leadership Programme

Work with certified energy leadership life and executive coach Philippa Stanley on a 121 basis to determine your personal energetic profile, review areas of interest and identify where you can make positive change in your life.

The programme includes:

121 Introductory Brief

Intro chat to understand your personal scenario (15 mins)

Energy Leadership Assessment

Online survey format (20-30mins)

Personalised Debrief Session

121 coaching using assessment results as a focus for discussion (1hr)

Personal Progress Review

121 coaching on personal learnings and actions taken (20 mins)

Personal Action Plan

121 coaching to set intentions for long term change (20 mins)

Research-Backed Assessment Tool

This programme is facilitated using the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) TM , the proprietary research-backed assessment tool, created by IPEC. You may have heard about personality tests, or even taken some like Myers Brigs, DISC and Enneagram. The ELI is vastly different and hugely transformational.

Programme investment

NOW £228*

*if you book by 28 Feb 2021



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The right coach for you

Coaching is intensely personal – it’s about building a relationship where we work together led by your itinerary. I would encourage you to speak to several coaches before you make a decision about who to work with. Feel free to get to know a bit more about me to help you decide whether we make a good fit to achieve your dreams. I look forward to meeting you.

I am used to working with clients from all around the world within various time zones. In addition to the Energy Leadership Programme, if you would like to join me on my small farm in West Wales, you can work with some of my co-coaches, the horses who live here. Their instinct and connectivity provides a fabulous experience and is great for helping reveal that inner ‘you’. I also run weekend courses periodically throughout the year for groups and individuals to experience this transformative work.

With love, Philippa