Looking for greater clarity about why you do certain things, or why you avoid taking action? Are you a worrier, not able to make a decision until you have gained opinions from others? Do you find yourself wishing things were different? Are you looking for help to create your dream? Sound familiar?


The ELI assessment process helps to increase emotional intelligence (EQ).

This powerful tool provides great insight that identifies your core energy levels during everyday activity, and when you are under pressure.

The results are enlightening and along with the in depth de-brief you will recognise patterns and be aware of actions that you take or avoid. In short, it helps you to thrive, not just survive!

Experiencing The Energy Leadership Index

"Completing the ELI process with Philippa has made me realise that there are many levels to my feelings. I am now equipped with the tools and mindset to let go and change direction when things don't go to plan, or outside influences are disruptive. Clarity and focus in abundance are the results."

Phil Evans -  Business owner & Key Note Speaker

Limiting Negative Effects

“Since working with Philippa I have been able to more effectively track my detrimental pattern of thought. This awareness has helped enormously in limiting the negative effects on my career, relationship and opportunities in life”.



I am used to working with clients from all around the world, and time zones are not an issue. If you are lucky enough to be able to join me on my small farm in Wales, you can work with some of my co-coaches, the horses who live here. Their instinct and connectivity provides a fabulous experience and is great for helping reveal that inner ‘You’. I also run weekend courses periodically throughout the year for groups and individuals to experience this transformative work.

Coaching is  intensely personal – it’s about building a relationship where we work together led by  your itinerary.  I would encourage you to speak to several coaches before you make a decision about who to work with.  Click here to book a  no obligation 20 minute consultation to get to know a bit more about me, and whether we make a good fit to achieve your dreams. I look forward to meeting you.

With love Philippa