Our memory often fades as our bodies age, but what I find fascinating is how we still remember negative comments despite receiving bags of positive praise and compliments since. Spiteful remarks from childhood can still echo around our heads many years later.  In some old school reports I recently found it mentioned me “chatting less and trying harder to develop her full potential”.  Poignant as  speaking to my clients is my primary communication channel!  Thank goodness I honed that skill! I also managed to reach my full potential years later as a mature student, going back for a degree and a Masters with a family and a full time job. I know I achieved far more out of University as a mature student than I would have as a youngster.

But these comments are not who we are. 

We learn to lead ourselves and follow our pathways. Discovering who we are, and finding our clarity is critical to aligning ourselves spiritually and feeling fulfilled.

This year has been extraordinary and looking back we can write our own school report about it. Like no other time in history 2020 has provided many of us with lucidity about what we enjoy and value about our lives, and what we don’t. In a year of unprecedented experiences, there will be things which we no longer wish to continue. If we take the time to reflect on what the year has revealed to us, there will be matters we are tolerating and possibly a list of non-negotiables to take forwards. These may involve people, our roles, relationships, our lifestyles – literally anything that is not aligned with who we truly are. Just as a great leader can instill confidence and a good teacher can bring out the best in their pupils, we have the opportunity to do just that for ourselves through reflecting on our 2020 and learning from our inner comments. To help you with this I have prepared a 2020 Vision workbook which you can find here. https://equiscoaching.co.uk/free-resources/ I’d love to know how you get on with it, and what your vision is for the New Year.

Communicating our reflection to one’s self

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