Are you feeling heavy with everyone else’s burdens?

Being bogged down by baggage?

Needing space to step back and observe your client base and business?

As coaches we need to ensure we leave space for ourselves. We can’t help our clients breathe if we’re not wearing our own oxygen masks. Self care is an important part of staying resilient and enables us to be available when our clients need our help. This coaching experience is more than supervision and you will be able to reflect from more than one perspective. Join us on 19th July where you will be both the client and the observer with our lovely horses as your coaches.

Carefully designed exercises will support you to connect your horse coached experience with your daily work as a coach. The horse’s gentle non-judgemental approach will mirror your inner self. Horses are part of the process, bur not the process, just as a coach should be. This day is ALL about YOU!

*no riding or prior horse knowledge is required. Includes teas, coffees and light refreshments.

Sign up for our 4 day certified Horse Assisted Coach programme 11th – 14th September, and receive this session as our gift


Coaching for Coaches July 19th

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