I found myself watching the re-run of Bridget Jones last night. The  loveable 30 something who is always getting things wrong – and unable to determine who in her life is trustworthy and when to say ‘no’ and mean it.  It’s a feel good comedy, that has touched many over the years,  but amongst all the laughter there are definite parallels with real life.

What really struck me, is Bridget is constantly waiting to be happy.  Waiting to be the ‘perfect’ weight. Berating her thighs and torturing herself as she is ‘a little bit fat’ (as she puts it).  Convincing herself that having a bottom the size of a small country is why she hasn’t found her perfect man or nailed her perfect job.  Bridget seems unable to be happy just as she is. It got me thinking….

How long do we wait before giving ourselves permission to do something we’d truly like

Well for some of us, we delay until it’s too late.  Often waiting until we have the time.

When we do have time, sometimes we’re no longer physically able to follow our dreams, or other unforeseen obstacles have stepped in the way.  So with so much uncertainty in life, how can we choose to be happy wherever we find ourselves?

The late Dr Stephen Covey in his bestseller ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ spoke about “Starting with the end in sight”, then working back from there.  As one of the 7 habits, he encouraged us to ask what we want to be remembered for, what would we love to accomplish with our life? …then, make it happen!

So what would you like to be remembered for? 

Is there something holding you back from following your dreams or passions?   Are you busy  ‘getting ready’ to get ready before taking a leap of faith?  As an entrepreneur with a family who left a corporate lifestyle, I know how that feels.  If you let it, there is always something which will crop up, and those once burning ideas and dreams start to fade.

If you have a dream but you’re waiting for the conditions to be perfect  before you choose  happiness, then perhaps I can help.  To find out what working together to create the life of your dreams feels like, book a discovery call with me and let’s take that first step together to see what happiness right now feels like.



Bridget Jones – Pure comedy or a scary parody?

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