Do you remember the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, who was put into a deep sleep and could only be reawakened  by a kiss from her Prince? Perhaps an innocuous story but one that is lovingly brought to life in books and cinema.

Sleeping Beauty is only a childrens’ story, but how true is that concept for you right now?  Are you waiting for your Prince to sweep in and rescue you?

We learn subconsciously, which is what advertisers use to their best advantage.  Look around at media and even on the big screen – the world is being saved by superheroes.  It’s big business. How often are we taught that we need someone external to ourselves to come to our rescue?

What if I told you that we already have everything inside us that we need, to be able to ‘save’ ourselves?  What a relief!

If we knew how to unlock and tap into the inner power that we all possess we wouldn’t need to feel like a victim of a situation and need saving!

If you are fed up with waiting for that handsome Prince to show up, then now is the time for you to take action – to tap into your inner power and own it!

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Are you Sleeping Beauty?

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